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Friday, July 24, 2015 6:45:51 AM
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Friday, July 24, 2015 6:49:00 AM
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The Gatekeeper
eYe 2


Lyrics written by a friend of mine, Michael Love. I produced and performed the instruments and vocals.
when you wake up
in the morning
do you feel some kind of yearning
to slow down
your pacing
find a new world worth facing

you're just like me
we're just searching
for what's free
just like me
just searching
for what's free

when you go to work
each and every day
do your friends pass you by
no words to say
are they just
empty faces
people running races
looks like that to me
we're just searching for what's free
just searching for what's free

when you sit down
to your evening meal
is numb the only thing you feel?
thoughts of this past day
try to let them fade away uh huh

feels just like me
searching for what's free

when the day is done
and you've taken your bath
do you tell the world this day it can have
but the next day is new
you'll give it that one too
talking just like me
talking just like me

searching for what's free
searching for what's free
searching for what's free
Song Comments

The Gatekeeper
One of my fav singers and songcrafters, James got the stuff.love that intro-outro. catchy tripping coolness. James well lets just say he lays it on the line with skillfully woven lyrics and tasty touches of instrumentation throughout. great vocals

Here is another masterful songcrafter and producer. James is multi-instrumentalist, plays all instruments so well and a killer percussionist, great singer.this guy is the whole package total amazing

eYe 2
the eYe has discovered much music over the years, always looking for the unique and unusual, and of course at IMP we have the best of the indie people. Here is an exciting gem from one of my collaborators of the past. James Elliott captures an incredible sound with his brilliant mind and shares with us a message one of his friends wrote. This is a stellar production and displays the amazing talents he possesses. Searching is an interesting song with a alternative conceptual approach done with a variety of tasty touches of instrumentation and a rainbow of tonal colours, the eYe digs it

Masterful creation, cool happening vibe, great progressions and transitions. We are always searching, all of us, things fade away, grasping at the air, what is it all about, when your days done, what then, terrific songcrafting tasty touches, always a pleasure to listen to James

Shaped by external forces,Searching is a great musical journey, well crafted lyrics, nicely fashioned colorful vibe, well done on the vocals

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