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Friday, January 16, 2015 6:29:33 AM
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Saturday, January 17, 2015 5:54:12 AM
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This is a Rock Ballad about the untimely murders of Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin.

Stoneman did everything on this recording

I wrote this song in order to express my frustration and dismay regarding the murders of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner. The fact that their murderers were never brought to justice reminds me of the many Black men that have been killed without any consequences befalling their murderers. I have known so many in my lifetime and it breaks my heart to know that this kind of thing continues to happen right here in the so called Land Of The Free". But in my anguish and despair I know that I am not alone. Millions have felt the sting of racism and injustice.

I saw the video I heard him gasp for air and I could hear him saying that he could not breathe
I saw a sea of Blue converge on an unarmed man and all my anger railed against brutality.
I've seen this kind of thing before, too many times for sure and it has always been so hard to understand
Why pigment color constitutes a need to kill or die and justice is not real for every man

I'm not alone, I'm not alone
His wife and his children mourn the loss now that he's gone
I'm not alone, I'm not alone
So many protest that this injustice still goes on

I heard about Travon walking down the street and how the murder came to take his life away.
I know so many stories just as inhumane but you don't see them in the USA today
I've heard a many mother cry and fathers filled with shame cause they could not protect their children from the law
Cause videos with actual proof don't really mean a thing when the grand juries fail to see the things they saw.

I'm not alone, I'm not alone
An army of souls deep from the past tell me hold on
I'm not alone, I'm not alone
Cause anger and rage is all I have when life is gone

I'm not alone, I'm not alone
No justice no peace till hate and bigotry is gone
I'm not alone, I'm not alone
I'm willing to die to change the planet I live on

I'm not alone, I'm not alone
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groovy sonics, rhythm changes, emphasizes "the human factor," kudos...

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