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Friday, May 03, 2013 7:18:46 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Eat***Love*** Pray


This is a song that shows our desperate need for a Savior, and the willingness of Christ to become our worst that we can have His best. Even still He wants us!

Lyrics and Lyrics: Dell Sartin & Landon Sartin

This song started with my brother giving me some lyrics of God's righteousness. Reading these Lyrics reminded me of my unrighteousness, or a better word that so many are scared of today (SIN). As I began to write the melody line, music, and lyrics it just resounded in me that in spite of me He wants me!
You are the truth, I am a liar
You are strength and at my best I am weak
You are whole, and I am in pieces
When all I am is filthy rags
You are so beautiful

Still you want me
when no one else does

You are the righteous one
Maker of all, giver of life
Father above, my souls cries
You are the righteous one
Hope that endures, love that is pure
name above all the great I am, You are
(sealed by the cross you gave it all for me)

You bore my lies that I could know truth
became weak that I could have strength
Torn to pieces that I could be whole
died in my filth
That I could be beautiful. x
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Eat***Love*** Pray
pleasin' musicality, expressive vocal, beautiful progressions...

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