Tom O'BrienLet's Play War
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Farewell to Arms
Over The Moon Two
Whisperin Pines


Totally retro soul, power to the people kind of song.

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I was 6 in 1969 near Berkeley, California, where the hippies were busy changing the world. I looked up to them and wanted to be like them. But at the same time, we were little kids who played with army men who carried make-believe bazookas and make-believe machine guns and saw Vietnam on the news every night.
I was a hippy for Halloween
My sisters dressed me in long, black hair
Carried me a protest sign
I didn't know what the war was for
I only played with my army men
Getting killed in a make-believe war
Setting them back up again

An resurrection was an option
For the small, green plastic man
Getting killed by cat's-eye marbles
The caprices of my hand
And resurrection was an option
That the real ones never had
Black and white could show the red blood just as bad

We lived just south of the Berkeley line
Where the smell of teargas was in the air
And G.I. Joe was a friend of mine
But, I dug the cats with the long, long hair
And so we shot with our plastic guns
Made in Korea and in Japan
And shooting neighbors was so much fun
We didn't think about the yellow man


And all the singers sang the songs
Of peace and harmony
And I knew down in my heart
That they were singing just for me

(Chorus) x
Song Comments

Whisperin Pines
rockin' chorus, many vivid details, kudos...

Over The Moon Two
An inspired song Tom.

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