Lyle HoldahlUp and Around Ceramic Sun
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Sunday, May 27, 2012 2:10:33 AM
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Saturday, March 15, 2014 1:58:38 AM
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The Lounge..
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Sonic Delights


From the psychedelic symprog 'Elec-Tro Magnon Artichoke Zombie' album. A blend of Klaatu and Van der Graaf Generator.

Lyle Holdahl- vocals and instruments except...
Mike Hughes- drums

A synopsis of the subsequent theme song and album itself.

Up and Around Ceramic Sun

Up and Around Ceramic Sun
Up and Around Ceramic Sun

we boarded a rocket
shook to godly speed
and dreamed to the silence
of a different home
to face paranoia
and the ending age
to see nothing matter
on a canvas screen

Up and Around Ceramic Sun
Up and Around Ceramic Sun

just melt where I'm standing
home facing new
a talk with the doctor
and the waiting room
the clouds tell of distance
mirror TV screen
what happens the next time
when we meet again?

Song Comments

Sonic Delights
"A blend of Klaatu and Van der Graaf Generator." kudos...

The Lounge..
Strange, eccentric mellow psychedelic prog..Adrift on a narcotic bliss cloud somewhere in the cosmos- Lying on a bed ot rippling rainbow chords floating thru space/time..A neat little 2 mins of creative bliss-out

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