AnigmaSShe Gives Me Dreams
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Tuesday, May 08, 2012 4:18:35 PM
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Sunday, May 20, 2012 6:41:07 PM
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Andy Doherty
Steve Johnson
Pete Johnson

A Feel good "follow your dreams" story about life choices, in this case, opting to giving up everything in pursuit of a love and happiness, ...and overcoming the intrusions of practical consideration and circumstances in that pursuit.

The moral is that while we have no guarantee of achieving our dreams, that it's in the defining and pursuit of them that we find happiness, fulfillment, and ourselves.
Old car don't let me down!
She's waiting there for me.
I'm driving with the windows down.
I'm headed to the keys.

My windshield's cracked.
My tire's flat.
I'm low on gasoline.
I'm running out of cigarettes,
...and running out of me.

I met her there, she told me,
"A little sunshine's what you need."
I had asked her for a cigarette,
and instead she gave me a dream.

She gives me dreams.
The kind, that I have never seen.
The weather I was living in,
had grown too cold for me.

Old car, don't let me down.
I've still quite a ways to go.
I'm headed to a warmer place,
I'm gonna make my own.

Rolling down on "US 1"
the needle, tapping "E"
Riding on a donut,
to the girl who gives me dreams.

Old car, don't let me down!
We've come too far to quit!
I'm looking for a better way,
but walking isn't it.

Seven miles left to go,
and as the drive belt squeaks,
just one more bridge I've got to cross,
before I'm finally free.

She gives me dreams,
the kind that I have never seen.
The world that I was living in,
was not the place for me.

The windshield's cracked.
The trunk is packed.
I'm out of gasoline.
Still searching for a cigarette,
but finally finding me.

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