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Monday, October 10, 2011 2:24:29 PM
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Monday, October 10, 2011 2:25:13 PM
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Bob Dylan Tribute
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When you look in there's no telling what you'll see.

© J. Patrick Sharpe
Lyrics and Music by J. Patrick Sharpe

Late one night I had a visit from the Raven
His spirit shadow was long and black across my bed
In his claws he held the scroll of bitter freedom
With its words that ran so wildly through my head… It said…

(Ch) You must climb the slopes of the Weary Mountain
And walk alone through the Valley of the Tree
And there you'll find the ancient Lake of Seven Mirrors
And when you look in there's no telling what you'll see

I followed signs down into the reservation
And found the old man sitting backwards in a chair
He said, "Yonder lies the road to Heavy Feather"
And when I asked him what was waiting for me there…He said… (Ch)

When I came upon the town of Heavy Feather
Where the Raven many years before had flown
I was haunted by the ghosts that walked before me
For they were tortured by the visions they were shown… They said… (Ch)
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Bob Dylan Tribute
am an independent musician living in West Virginia, making up these songs, and learning a lot about myself and the world in the process. I love stripped down acoustic folk and blues music. I like to hear songs boiled down to their bare essence. That is mainly what I am going for in my own music. Along the way I hope to make people think and maybe smile a little.

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One of my all time favorites by Patrick!!

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