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Friday, June 17, 2011 12:46:02 AM
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Pennan Brae

'Pennan Brae' is a small village in Scotland where my grandfather is from. This song is a tribute to him.
He sailed from the Highlands

South to Vera Cruz

Deep in the Brazilian heartland

A man of twenty-two

Up the coastline

North to Montreal

Leather bag upon his frame

Six foot one inch tall

He lived the way I want to

Freely without care

Rode the western railway

Wind rushing though his hair

East to West coast to coast 

Where his best plans were laid

Yonder cross those hills 

Where the spirit wills

Where I chase my thrills

Yonder cross those..

Got some land

Worked it to the bone

Met a true love

There they made a home

Had a family

Three girls and no more

Warm welcome awaited

By his front porch unlocked door

Moved the way I want to 

With a subtle grace

Hand extended

Warm smile on his face

A life of peace and joy and love

Is what true freedom seeks


When we’ll walk again

In a garden

That you fondly tend

Share the laughter

Smell the cashmere

As you press me

Tight against my tears
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