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Saturday, October 15, 2005 5:44:00 AM
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Thursday, January 01, 2009 12:21:45 PM
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A trip to the emocional past...

Performed, composed and produced by Avi Levin

So many stories places and friend we left behind, now is time
to meet them again!
Give me a reason to go
back to the place I already know
For the good times,
For the best times
You know Yeah, you know
About the first love,
about the last fight
about the first taste,
about the waste of time
See you smiling again by my side
to meet old friends once more
at the place I use to call Home x
Song Comments

Take a sit, take a trip...

ISRAEL...I just love this song so much..So much soul,joy, magic and individuality.. Naieve in the best possible sense..Its absoloutly in love with the SPIRIT in pop music.So am i i guess,thats why it resonates so much with me.....From 'RADIO FREE EUROPE'

Epic Soundtracks
I love the melody and feel of this so much,it just makes me feel good about life..So much joy and love..This is like the ultimate lo-fi bedroom-recorded underdog track..A major label artist could never create something as genuinelly unaffected and natural as this,they just couldn't..Which kinda makes me love it all the more...

The Lounge..
Chaotic,confused,fractured loungey lofi pop music...There's something really compelling,individual and joyful swimming round inside all the chaos..A really pretty,seductive melody...I just like it

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