Conversation SuicideDon't Wanna Fuckin' Work No More -LIVE n' RAW Punk
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Monday, March 07, 2011 8:44:41 AM
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Thursday, April 28, 2011 6:46:06 AM
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Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
LIve and Lo-Fi a la pHLegm
heads on backwards


I don't wanna Fuckin' Work NO MORE ! but I gots to work a day job, mang. 'tis the LIFE of most musicians. WORK all Day, Play all get the idea.

pHLeGm =Vocals
Recorded Live, with The Members of DRIZZLE on Bass, Guitar,& Drums.
Copyright 2011 Conversation Suicide & Artfest Music

simple as that.
Song Comments

heads on backwards
Your a crazy MOFU, the song is pretty mental good energy rips, good fun one with an edge

LIve and Lo-Fi a la pHLegm

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
this one is just so true, and RAW

do it, raw and nasty its dekcuf up

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