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Wednesday, May 05, 2010 8:48:50 PM
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Thursday, May 06, 2010 8:03:22 PM
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my sister Lynne and I were driving up to San Francisco...somewhere around Bakersfield I saw a crazy man driving in a crazy way and I said "that guy must be trying to fasttrack his way to sainthood"..and she said " that's a great title for a song or a cd... 2 years later, it came back to me ...
he woke up on a cold Tuesday morning
in a winter just like any he had known
he woke up with his cold heart imploding
and he felt a fear that cut him to the bone
wiped the sweat from his palm on his t-shirt
and his water glass was shaking in his hand
there's never nothing like the kiss from death's lip
to put redemption on the short list of a man

he woke up on a cold Tuesday morning
and his wife was baggin up his suits and ties
he woke up seeking succour and safety
not expecting what he saw there in her eyes
she threw his stuff out on the porch, where his mistress lit the torch
then the ladies watched it burn
"hey what gives, I gave you almost every evening
hey what gives, a man's a man and that's understood
hey what gives, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings"
but the ladies know
there is no fasttrack to sainthood

he woke up on a cold Tuesday morning
and eternity was playing in theater one
he thought hard of the justifications for his shortfalls
and the damage he had done
he woke up and he walked to the church
sat in the box and said "I'm sorry I'm a shit"
"now I'm clean, I gave it up and now you can save me
now I'm clean, see I was bad but now I am good
now I'm clean, so you can turn the light on for me"
but he sat in the dark
cause there is no fasttrack to sainthood

and all the Marys looked right down and shook their heads
all the Marys looked right down
and the Marys said, "for the road ahead
the profile's too low on your spiritual tread"

he fell down to his knees praying
"Jesus can you help me, I can't figure this one out"
he fell down to his knees on the marble
in his soul he felt the ravages of doubt
"now you and me, Jesus, well, we never were best friends
but there's lots of men no better than I've been"
"hey what's this, I gave you every Sunday morning
hey what's this, that was the deal that I understood
hey what's this, you mean I was supposed to mean it
and you're tellin me there is no fasttack to sainthood"
no fasttrack to sainthood x
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What the Folk!
Hop on to this vibe its catching on fast...tripping groove

Sandman's Songbirds
This is a fantastic rocker featuring Susie's great voice and writing talent making it worthy of any playlist Indie or Major! Simply a great tune by one great artist! Rock on always Susie!!!

Bob Dylan Tribute
Bob is a kind of saint?

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