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Monday, January 11, 2010 1:55:05 PM
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Monday, January 11, 2010 1:59:53 PM



This here is a song for the singing
A song of this thing we call life
We’ve heard good ones
We’ve heard bad ones
We all know what it is that we like

We’ve heard songs about famine
Songs about death
Songs that uplift us
Songs that do less
We’ve heard songs that imagine
Songs that inspire
Songs that say nothing
Songs that speak of desire
Songs that blow in the wind
Songs that think they can tell
Songs that fall from the heavens
Songs a coming straight from hell


This song is a song is for the singing
Sing it loud sing it clear
Let it be let it be a beginning
Let it ease all our fears
Regardless of colour
Regardless of creed
Regardless of ego
Regardless of need
This song is a song for the singing
Let it shine in the shadows year after year

Some songs leave us indifferent
Some songs give us hope
Some songs they enthral us
Some leave us cold
There are songs of the future
Songs from the past
Songs for the moment
Songs made to last
There are songs about love
Songs about hate
Songs that confuse us
Songs that relate
There are songs of oppression
Songs of release
There are anthems of war
There are anthems of peace
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