Steve Sossin"How Many Times"
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Straight ahead high energy Pop-Rock tune that would appeal to a wide age group. I originally penned this song in 1991 for the "Studio Band" of Vizion Productions. This version I rearranged in 2000 and again in 2004-5. Based on another song I wrote called "Blue Eye's"....

Written/Arranged/Recorded by Steve Sossin for Vizion Studio-1991
New Arrangement 1995 by S. Sossin for Vizion Productions Studio
New arrangement with slight musical changes and re-write of vocals for joint venture: All music/lyrics by Steve Sossin.
Several 'versions' recorded with various singers 2004-2007.
Harmonizing guitar solo's written by Steve Sossin and performed by S. Sossin and D. Colbourne.
Main guitar solo written/arranged by D. Colbourne/S. Sossin
Played by D. Colbourne. 2nd backing guitar solo for final chorus written/played by S. Sossin

She feels love for real, but is with someone who 'just doesn't get it' and it's basically killing her... But- she can not leave without first expressing it..
Why Can't I just...tell you somethin
That’s deep within my heart.....and I can't just let you go____
You know just how I's somethin that’s so real...
Inside we really know...…
I never you'd hurt me. so deep with the heart...
And I can't just let you go_____
We always hold on tight...and tell ourselves that it's all right..
Inside we really know____
How many times...can we say those I love you’s
If they're all just..... words in the end...
How many times...can we wait till tomorrow....
Hopin that sorrow will end...
How many times?
END CHORUS w/solo's
Ohh.. How many times...can we say those I love you's...
They're all just words in the end...
Na, na now and how many times.. can we wait until tomorrow
Hopin that sorrow...will end......How many times...
How Many deep within my heart......
How Many Times..........why can't I tell you.

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