whiteboy slimHold On, It Must Be Love
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Saturday, August 22, 2009 9:59:50 PM
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Saturday, August 22, 2009 10:00:34 PM
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Words and Music Gets The Blues


A bit of an Albert King feel.

words and music by maurice richard libby

Love makes you CRAZY.
There's something wrong her, that I can't explain,
It's like a fever burning in my brain,
My brain's a fire raging out of control.
Some kind of madness, has captured my soul
Oh Baby, I can't tell you what's wrong.
Hold on , it must be love.

I drive my car, play my radio loud,
I'm somewhere else, I can't hear a sound
My buddys call me get a drink, go someplace,
I sit there lost staring out inot space.
Oh baby I can't tell You what's wrong.
Hold onIt must be love.

This whole thing has got me beat,
I can't sleep , and I can't eat.
Ain't no telling what I'm going to do.
Ah Baby, I'm in Love with you.

There's something wrong here, that I can't explain.
It's like a fever burning in my brain.
There's something missing every time we're apart,
There's something missing and I think it's my heart.
Oh bay, I can tell you what's wrong.
Hold on it must be love,
Hold on it must be love,
Hold I think it's love.
Oh Baby, I kniow it's love.
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