Steve AprilThe Cat, The Moon, The Songbird
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Sunday, July 19, 2009 8:11:19 PM
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Friday, November 03, 2017 1:10:22 AM
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steve april cello, vocal, guitar (melody, lyrics)
mark stein piano, lead guitar, percussion, bass

Mockingbirds serenade the neighborhood for hours in the spring and summer, often at night by the light of a full moon or nearby street light...
They developed an affinity for mowed lawns and ornamental shrubs that offer them insects and berries they love to eat. They are very comfortable around people.

They are 8-9 inches long, the size of a robin but a bit thinner. They are soft gray with paler breasts, marked with white wing bars and outer tail feathers. White patches under their wings are visible when they fly. They have long, thin beaks and long perky tails.

Unlike many small birds that spend every waking hour looking for food, mockingbirds take time to survey the passing world. From their preferred high perch on a roof or tree branch they trill their varied songs, flicking their long tails, wren-like, every so often. They are acrobatic fliers and feisty when it seems like a good idea to to protect their territory...

***note. mockingbirds do not "mock," they have their own beautiful song, and also turn sounds they hear around them, into song...

The Cat, The Moon, the Songbird

goin' out for a walk, goin' out hear Nature talk
in the blue, blue summer evening,
the cat, the crazy as- mockingbird, the sweet magnolia tree
the moon, and me.

there's action in the trees, hidden away from you and me
the cat and I sit on the curb, listen.
the cat, the crazy as- mockingbird, and the sweet magnolia tree,
the man in the moon, and me.

woodchucks, robins, hedgehogs, squirrels
come to the fountain to drink,
bluejays, cardinals, and the little sparrows,
ain't no time to think/pink.

The cat, the crazy ass mockingbird, the sweet magnolia tree,
the moon, you and me.
Song Comments

Steve, I love this! Very different and unique, IMO.

the corridor
One of the best yet from a prolific and innovative artist.

The Independents Choice
Truly great writing

The New Golden Age of Internet Radio
Orchestral, larger and fuller than life, colourful and predictably unpredictable 'Summer In The City' sounding Steve April here in full musical regalia complete with comrade in arms Mark Stein rounding out the entourage including "The Cat, The Moon, (and) The Songbird" ... wonderfully playful, whimsical, delightful and entertaining.

In the Artists Own Words
About taking a walk, and enjoying simple things, I guess. Good for cardio, they say. We all enjoy a drink at the fountain, including our furry and feathery friends...

XNWY Indie Radio
One of my favorites by this avant-garde artiste. Choice serenading by the light of the silvery moon .. woo-hoo-hoo and yeah-yeah-yeah!!

Free As A Bird
"woodchucks, robins,hedgehogs and squirrels/all come to the fountain to drink.."

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