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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 7:02:38 AM
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Sunday, November 29, 2009 3:31:46 PM
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About Love, Freedom and their relationship

Music & Lyrics: Lior Davidi
Produced & Arranged by Guy Vaingarten

Free Bird

Written by: Lior Davidi

Sometimes I'd rather be alone
The site of melody keeps me warm
I'm not the same I'm not a free bird anymore
First be a man before you go
Stop chasing meaningless cures
For a disease that doesn't live here anymore

Sometimes I wonder who to blame
Sometimes I'm wearing all the shame
You are the closest thing to heaven for me
First be a child before you sing
Think of the ones you've never seen
I'm not the same I'm not a free bird anymore

Free bird, sing me a song, take me home
Do what you can to bring me back
From this hole, I can't take it anymore
I'm waiting for you my free bird

Sometimes I see you on a street
Sometimes it was meant for us to meet
But I was seeing many thoughts instead of you
Maybe I'm used to thinking a lot
Maybe I'm really what you're not
I'm not the same I'm not a free bird anymore

Free bird…

And if I told you that I wasn't alone
That every second she was there by my side
And when you left me I started seeing it wrong, I almost died, I almost died.

Free bird… x
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