Natalie BrownYou're Mysterious
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Monday, March 09, 2009 3:38:50 AM
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Sunday, March 15, 2009 11:52:33 PM
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You're Mysterious is a song about a feeling I think many of us have had at one time. You see someone, you feel a vibe, a connection and then you wonder if they have noticed you. Sometimes you go down "that road" where you are wondering all kinds of things about what it would be like if you were 'together'. This song is just a mind rambling about what could be... if!

Natalie Brown & Jeremy Rwakaara + All lead & background vocal sweetness by Natalie Brown + Keyboard & drum programming, recording, mixing & mastering by Jeremy Rwakaara at Studio 302 Toronto, Ontario CANADA & Gaithersburg, Maryland USA + Produced by Jeremy Rwakaara for Zikki Productions

You’re Mysterious
(N. Brown /J. Rwakaara)
© Copyright 2008 natfunk music BMI / Zikki Publishing ASCAP

Verse 1
You’re mysterious
I wonder what’s behind your smile
I wish that you would stay sometime
Ooooh, Ooooh
It would be so nice
You’re mysterious
A shadow in my dreams, sublime
A misty rain that falls so fine
Oooooh, Oooooh
Caressing me

Will you let me inside
Be a part of your life
And your light
Let’s begin
We could write our own song
Make the melody strong
We belong
Let me in

Verse 2
You’re mysterious
I wonder if I catch your eye
And do you even notice when I smile
At you
As you walk on by
It’s mysterious
This feeling that you’re part of me
A glimpse of what our love could be
If we
Were together
Song Comments

the corridor
Wondrous vocals and production.

Ray's Faves
How lucky am I to find this as the first track I listened to on IAC? Redefines the word "lush"

Mystery Too
one the premier artists about iacmusic who sings like an angel and puts out some great tracks. Nat lays down some kinda wonderful on You're Mysterious

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