Sly WittShe Waited For Him
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 1:43:01 PM
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Monday, July 13, 2009 1:17:28 PM
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Based on a true story.

sly witt - instrument and vocals
ramona witt - backing vocals

This is the story 'bout a girl
and the things were on her mind
What she thought was 'bout a boy
who she thought was nice and kind
But he never noticed her
no matter how she tried
Alone at night she dreamed of him and sighed

One day the boy was out of time
It seemed his life was lost
For all the thrills of getting high
he paid a ghastly price
Sober, the fog of mind
it climbed the sky
Then he could see the girl
with the gleam in her eye

She cried just for him
She lied just for him
She thought just of him
She pined so for him
She wandered for him
She wondered 'bout him
She lusted for him
She Loved only Him
She waited for him

This is one of lifes great mysteries
How his life became her story
Even though the words they might seem trite
Somehow you know they feel right

This is the story 'bout a boy
and the things were on his mind
What he though was 'bout the girl
who he thought was nice and kind
The girl he could not see
until he had laughter
You know they wed and lived
happily ever after

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