Jeff Allen MyersLetter From War (Live)
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Sunday, January 18, 2009 2:39:03 AM
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Sunday, January 18, 2009 9:30:35 PM
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"Hey, I'm writing just to say...I Love you.
And I, don't want you to cry..I'll be coming home."

Letter From War

Words and Music - Jeff Allen Myers

Jeff Allen Myers - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
John Saenz - Keyboard, Backing Vocal
Vic Salcido - Bass
Chris Salcido - Drums
Recorded Live at Club Caprice, Redondo Beach, California

Johnny went away to war,
but that's not what his life was for.
He kissed his Mom Goodbye,
And she struggled not to cry.

He went to a foreign land
to fight for people he would never know.
He knew he would become a man,
He would make his Father proud.

And the sky has all turned red.
and many of Johnny's friends fell dead.
He wrote home before he fell,
and this is what the Letter said.

Hey, I'm writing just to say
I love you.
And I, don't want you to cry
I 'll be coming home.

Say what you will,It's a losing game
and only losers kill.
Say what you will, good men die
Mothers Cry
And it's not Gods will......

Peace...May all our Men and Women come home safely...

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Private Stock
Kickin' it LIVE !!!!!!

If you can't feel this one your dead already - One soul Production is proud to give you Jeff Allen Myers' "Letter From War" - LET IT RING BROTHER, LET IT FUCKING RING!!! and amen, may our men and women make it safely home and may the fallen never be forgotten. . .

This is a sound check , test check 1 2 3 check check. ok your on. Jeff and Band give a cool happening spacey vibe in Letter from War, swirly floating thing, Miss jeff, great song writer. very cool song to listen to. very retro

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