Terry BurdetteAmerican Dreams
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Thursday, November 13, 2008 11:40:44 PM
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Friday, November 14, 2008 12:09:21 AM
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A song I got from teaching American History this year. The west held so much promisd for so many!! TB

American Dreams © 2008
By Terry Burdette

I wanna work on the Union Pacific railroad
Before the east meets the west and ends the show
I might pan a little gold in Silver City
Who knows I just might strike the mother lode

Sick of this crowded, smoke- filled city
Dreamed last night I was camping on the Plains
Out west is where I gonna find my future
Somewhere out west is my American dreams

My American dreams...this land is bursting at the seams
Close your eyes and hear her sing
Some American dreams

Been diggin ditches with a guy since last December
A Chinaman from western Arkansas
I know that guy may look a little different
But one night he saved my life in a barroom brawl

He says out west ten bucks will buy a man a 100 acres
Work the land 5 years and then put up yer fence
Always loved the sight of golden wheat fields
Blowin softly in the cool September winds

Got a letter from an old friend down in Texas
They’re roundin up the strays on the Chisolm trail
Them longhorns can fetch a pretty penny
And I’ll bet that cowboy life is cool as hell

Saw the Lady in the harbor from a west bound freighter
Her torch raised high for the world to see
She says if you give me a heart full of ambition
I’ll whisper some American dreams

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