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Friday, October 17, 2008 6:10:50 AM
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Monday, January 25, 2010 9:31:42 PM
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There in the circle
We sat mesmerized
Inhaling the music
Expanding our minds
Searching for answers
In each other's eyes
Unraveling life's mysteries
Between every new line

Slowly the Circle
Grew smaller in size
As each of it's members
Fell victim to life
Some have been wedded
Some locked up inside
A few drifted away
And other's just O.D.'d and died

As each new year passes
Some memories subside
But the days from the circle
Stay fresh in my mind
The smoke on the water
We were born to be wild
Shared a whole lotta love
And some Funk 49
Sunshine Superman
Eight miles high
We tamed the white rabbit
Yeah such was a day in the life

Good vibrations
American Pie
We had aqua lungs
Hey hey, My my
Apples and oranges
We all played with fire
Spending nights in white satin
Expecting to fly
Purple haze brought us
The Spirit in the sky
And like rollin' stones
We broke on through to the other side

We rode on the peace train
Yeah feelin Alright
Aboard a magic bus
We had a ticket to ride
We banged a gong
While hitchin' a ride
Turned a whiter shade of pale
One toke over the line
In the house of the risin' sun
We saw the signs
The eve of destruction
In the year 2525

In Alice's restaurant
The captain did ride
And Uncle John's band played
While we spilled the wine
Down on the corner
In the summertime
The sounds of silence
Came like a landslide
Here in this circle
I sit mesmerized
Been reelin' in the years
All day and all of the night
Song Comments

Hugo's Hits
Charming bit of musical memorabilia and seems to me to represent a new level of technical proficiency on the instrumental, arranging and recording fronts...very nice, SamCat!

SOUL RETRIEVAL 2 for new soulful songs
Great song Sam, superb lyrics, bearing your soul in every song. Keep them coming.

-and Sam gathered us together-into a circle

Bogart Rad eeeoh
Oh how I love all the circles to be discovered while waltzing in a circle, in a circle, in a circle . . . . uh...more kool aid please. . . .

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