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{ Paul Lafornara - Arrangement } - { Narrative/Satang - Burt Harding } - September 2008 - The View

One focus, one premise ... and that is the real, and unchanging
The real and unchanging, it cannot be repeated enough
Because it simply doesn't change, it is oneness
Oneness, everything is one.

There is nothing that you can see, or hear, or experience
that is not inter-dependent, inter-related, and inter-connected
Everything is one

Now imagine that you being to see that
as far as your life and others are concerned
and how you begin to understand yourself
in a whole new way

... because there's only one self

The mind, is the nature of thought
Now thought always has an opposite
Oneness has no opposite
Mind thinks, the thought has an opposite
Every thought has an opposite
So whatever it is that you desire
or need, or even think about creates an opposite.
And the opposite unconsciously is what predominates in your life.
Now oneness has no opposite to be understood by others
And what is that?
You feel it through oneness
Your heart is crying, to understand itself
They do not respect themselves


... or however your feel, want others to be
is how you are to yourself.

Now when you begin to see oneness
that everything is one, then immediately we complete the circle

How many of us really believe that you are a separate individual? Separate individual.
Therefore there is the fear of death.
Why? because in oneness existence and non-existence are both the same.

Can the mind understand this?
The mind can't understand that.
Because the mind is thought
The mind is memory
it can only understand that which it has experienced in the past
it cannot understand anything that is higher than it's only experience
These words will not reach your mind
Until there is a resonance, and the heart is saying,
"I resonate with it, there is something deeper in me that knows"
And here is the oneness again, the Paradox of Oneness
That as long as you think you know something, you really don't know.
What is there to understand?
There's nothing to understand about life. It's all one.
Well the moment you begin to see that it's all one
and therefore there's nothing you can understand
because it's a mystery ...
you begin to understand.

But you begin to understand deep down,
not through words,
not through showing that you think you know something,
but it's a deeper understanding, a deeper knowing
and because whatever you know in your heart, cannot be touched.
Once you recognize it
you see we think there's something to attain
we think there's somewhere to go,
we think we have to realize something.
I do not feel it, there's nothing to realize.

Then who or what is there?
There's no one to realize it
So realization means you realize there's no one to realize ... anything.
Now that's a big one for the mind,
because it's a mystery ... it's a big mystery.
The opposite of love is fear
but that which is all encompassing, can have no opposite.
We cannot conceive of anything that has no opposite.
So when we think of love and fear, because that which is all encompassing
... is really love itself, but love is a mystery
... see we think love is something, there's no way you can understand oneness
But can you begin to feel it? OH YES!

What is love?

But until you feel love, you don't know love.
because it has nothing to do with knowing about it intellectually

It is the heart knowing
It is a feeling
It is that connection
It's a type of listening
Tuning in ... and you begin to realize it
because tuning and listening and love ... are one and the same.

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I LOVE this talk! And I agree with the underlying truthfullness of this line of thought. The all-encompassing One is FIRST and foremost "Fear". This brings on the "need" for forgiveness. It is Forgiveness after all that ushers in True Love. -M-

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