Rod MacDonaldTerror is A Very Magic Word
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Terror is the word of the moment used to justify taking away people's freedom ... what makes it 'magic' is the willingness people have to abandon their freedom for an illusory security.

A Tale of Two Americas-Released on Wind River Records 2005
Words and music written by Rod MacDonald, Blue Flute (ASCAP)

In Rod's 2003 studio collection, 'Recognition' featured a pair of songs that referenced 9/11, "My Neighbors in Delray" and "For The Good of America". Between then and now, America has undertaken fierce, bloody, body-counting excursions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in "Terror" Rod delivers reflections upon those events and their repercussions back in the homeland - 'Using fear for advantage you're doing more damage than even your enemy does.'
You want to say who can and who can't fly
you want to say who has and has no rights
you want to make some people disappear
give no explanation, year after year
you want to say what I can and cannot know
and always where I can and cannot go
what's the reason for it all, haven't you heard
terror is a very magic word

you tell me I should just do what I'm told
it's been going on this way since days of old
you tell me I have to live in fear
and it's going to keep goin' on like this for years
you want to keep me in a constant state
and always give me somebody to hate
you've reasons for it all, I've been assured
terror is a very magic word

if there's a danger that some passing stranger
means violence instead of love
using fear for advantage you're doing more damage
than even your enemy does

you want the power to way who lives and dies
the power to say what's true and what is lies
the power to keep yourself in power when
the people want to have your power end
you want to play the god and wield the fire
and always without questioning your own desires
how long until this disease is cured
terror is a very magic word

as you sure there's no reason
for the rise this season
in threats from distant lands
what is it in your actions
that breeds dissatisfaction
with the work of your hired hands

you want to give the orders and be obeyed
you want to be supported in a luxurious way
yu want it to be someone else's health
jeopardized for the sake of your own wealth
you want to be the one who's in control
and always tell me what's good for my soul
when you're so far from knowing, it's absurd
terror is a very magic word x
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