ATOM CRUISEThe Dominoes Fall
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Thursday, September 04, 2008 4:47:48 PM
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Monday, February 28, 2011 12:28:06 PM
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Verse 1
Dotty's got a body that won't quit
Billy's got a willy on which she'd sit
But Billy's after Bunny (at least her money)
and Bunny's not buyin'
Cos she's after Brian

Verse 2
Scotty likes the bottle he's drunk every night
When his wife comes home they always fight
Their little boy's recording everything
He'll end up like his old man
Who's just like his granddad

The dominoes fall- they tumble to the ground
The dominoes fall- they topple all around
The dominoes fall- they knock each other down
One by one like dreams they drown

Verse 3
Max was born with silver spoon in mouth
About the future there was not a doubt
Self-destructed slowly while chasing fame
No others to blame
Another promising life drained

No matter who sets them up
or knocks them down
We either do it to ourselves
Or repeat what we've seen
It's more than a game
It's the way we are made
And the dominoes fall
Again and again
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