Richard SchoopingHave I Found Me?
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Monday, August 25, 2008 2:32:17 PM
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Monday, August 25, 2008 9:14:10 PM
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An introspective song with haunting piano, cello, and harmonies with climactic symphonic exclamations. This song addresses my illness, awakening, and more.

Richard Schooping

Have I found me, finally?

Is that the Sun shining through in this storm of my life?

Have I found me, wondrously?

It that the light coming down in this dark night of my soul?

I had given up, I was so weak.

I had thrown away all hope into such deep-blue misery. (GOD who am I?)

There was no strength that could carry me across the floor.

There was nothing more I could give, nothing more...

Have I found me?

Have I found me, mysteriously?

What is the knowing, how is it showing that it will be alright?

Have I found me, gloriously?

Through observation and meditation I remember who I am.

And how the energy is flowing through;

the light of GOD is spreading out to do what it will do.

I've surrendered all my needs to take control.

As I live this life I give this life for many and one soul.

Have I found me?

Now I know my heart and so I sing.

I am free to BE creativity, so let these songs take wing

and land in hearts that suffer as I once did.

Let them dry the tears and calm the fears for as long as I live.

Have I found me?
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