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Friday, August 15, 2008 2:24:12 PM
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Saturday, December 06, 2008 11:18:21 AM
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New Age Dreamtime Celtic Roots

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Chill out World - 4 quality musicians
The second best song in Fabinho Carioca's opinion.

Wow Nigels, this was a tough choice for me as I listened to "Sacred Catapiller" and being one to root for the underdog generally, I felt compelled to choose that song to represent you here. But, then I listened deeper to the reflection you suggested to me and decided - yes, it would be more appropriate in regards to me showing you my respect that we celebrate the glorious accomplishment of the butterfly that came from the catapiller and not the just the potential of the catapiller - everything has potential, but the butterfly made it and joyiously represents that in it's flight and so do you in this beautiful song. . . respect!!!

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