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Friday, August 15, 2008 11:52:52 AM
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Friday, August 15, 2008 11:57:44 AM
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a home recording of Ivor's acoustic song, Coalbrookdale

lyrics, music and recording all by Ivor Rowley

A look at the history and influences of the local area
Down here in the valley is where it all began/
When England turned from farming to an industrial land/
And the world was changed forever by the hands of the iron man/
When Darby fired the coke at Coalbrookdale./

The boatmen worked the river while the miners dug for coal/
The ironmen wore the smell of sweat and sulphur on their clothes/
The work was tough and heavy and the days were long and dark/
As the sky filled up with smoke at Coalbrookdale./

Their hands were worn like leather, their faces bore the pain/
Of how the furnaces could dry the blood inside the veins/
And they talked about the fortunes and the cargo on the river/
That sailed under the bridge at oalbrookdale./

Now the coalfields and the moners have all gone/
And the boats that sail the River now/
are taking tourists on/
The ironmen have disappeared in time/
with 1779, and Coalbrookdale./

This place was built for destiny, this place was built on hunger/
The men who smelted irona here worked 15 hours a day/
Now these buildings stand as testament to a woorld of hope and wonder/
Aas they rise out of the trees at Coalbrookdale./

200 years and more have gone, the old bridge is still standing/
The children play their games and dance upon its crooked back/
And its here where man's achievements have combined with natural beauty/
To create a pardise called Coalbrookdale./

And as the Sun bursts through the sky and reflects upon the river/
I'm walking through the streets of Coalbrookdale./
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