Chris BottomleyBelize City Bakin'
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008 8:01:05 PM
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008 8:09:14 PM
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Reggae - Unisong Winner in 2005. Featured on Global Rhythm magazine sampler CD and Bottomley's CD "Knotty Bits"

Wriiten and composed by Chris Bottomley

Written down in Belize, the vibe captures a day in the life of Jolly the guide

Belize City Bakin'

Written by: Chris Bottomley

Belize City Bakin
shakin' and skankin'
throbbin' and pulsin'
with the rhythm of life
high noon radio
movin' in stereo
creatin' and swelterin'
with the movement of time

We got the Batty's fever
honkin and rollin'
bussin' and movin'
with a creole vibe
natty dread mornin'
we are laughin'
with the sun at our doorstep
under sugarcane skies

We got the easy motion
roll of the ocean
bubblin' and coastin'
with a beer and a lime, yeh
coconut groovin'
we are movin'
bodies shakin' and quakin'
in this here paradise

Proud eyed rasta
one foot in the future
sailin' and makin'
waves on his own
cool vibes Jollee
ridin' and flyin'
the wind at his back
in the blazin' sun

We got the reggae feelin'
hip-hop'n squeezin'
touchin' and keepin'
our love alive
sensitive potion
we are drownin'
in the love of the ocean
and Belizean smiles

Belize City Bakin'
shakin' and skankin'...
Belize City Bakin'
shakin' and skankin'....

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