Richard SchoopingOne Deer, One Dove
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Thursday, August 07, 2008 10:01:10 PM
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 1:17:39 PM
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Soul Retrieval


When we plumb our interior we know the Oneness that IS. Through the symbolic peace and purity of a white dove and the gentleness and agility of the meek and yet powerful deer, we can Be.

Richard Schooping

I close my eyes, and I drift into silence

Through the doorway of my heart on an ocean of love

For there you are giving comfort and solace

Raining down through my soul unlike ever before

I had been suffering, wandering for so long (For so long)

Fearful of everything, until you washed me in your song

We are one heart, We are one love

(One love, One love)

We are one race, We are one joy

(One joy, One joy)

We are one deer, We are one dove

(One dove, A beautiful dove)

We are one world, We are one voice

(One world, One world)

And now I'm here experiencing glory

Celebrating these senses born of flesh as a man

And still I grow amazed at how loving GOD is

I'm humbled by this gift of life, our divinity, our plan

I had been struggling, trying to fit into this place

(Trying to fit into this space)

Loosing the battle with my disease

Until you held me in your embrace


We are one now, We are one now

One heart, One love

One race, One voice

One deer, One Dove

One World, One World

One World

One World x
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Soul Retrieval
What a beautiful soulful song, amazing vocals, passion, harmonies.

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