Seth TurnerEverytime I Get On
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Monday, September 12, 2005 2:53:40 PM
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Monday, September 12, 2005 2:55:22 PM
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Kind of a Chris Ledoux rodeo song. Good rockin' little number.

Seth Turner

Life as a rodeo rider
Everytime I Get On
By. Seth Turner (2001)

Everytime I get on they say I’m crazy
Well, I’m just a few bricks shy of a load
And they say I could get a real job but I’m too damn lazy
So I earn my dime in the rodeo.

Well last week down in Houston
My body took a bruisin’
When that bull left me spinnin’ there in that chute
Me and a bronc rode for 65
Then I got throwed on my re-ride
Guess I’m lucky I even made it out alive. (chorus)

The silver of my Copenhagen tin
Shines like the buckle that I might win
If I can hang on through the next go round
‘stead of pickin’ myself up off the ground

(chorus 2)
And everytime I get on they say I’m crazy
My elevator just don’t go up to the top
And they say I could have a real job if I weren’t so damn lazy
So I’m earnin’ my dime in the rodeo
I’m earnin’ my dime in the rodeo
I’ll earn my dime in the rodeo.
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Awesome... send us some of your songs.. we'll spin ya for sure :)

Great song!

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