Cherry CreekSummer Love
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008 7:37:10 PM
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Friday, December 14, 2012 2:03:45 PM
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A sweet little tune about that long lost summer love...

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love through the seasons-

Every summer needs a summer song to remind us of those wonderful, magical, "Tunnel Of Love" hugs and kisses at the County Fair days and other times of young love and romance of times long past - well, long past in my case. It has taken me longer than I had planned to get here to listen to Cherry Creek. Still it is such a wonderful feeling to have the wait pay off by finding another great artist and gem of a song to add to Legendary Music. Your long list of achievements and accomplishments in music and in life Teresa are simply amazing, awesome, impressive, admirable and inspirational. I tip my old cowboy hat to you girl in every respect. Your song rings and sings with all the magic that I remember from so many other great summer love songs that I've enjoyed over many, many years. Great lyrics and a voice that harkens back to the sounds coming out of Sam Phillips' Sun Records in Memphis that I remember playing on the jukebox over and over again three plays at a time for a quarter while having an after movie coke and burger with my girl at the Diner. Your reverb harmonies Teresa give this great tune an irresistible nostalgic flavor. "Summer Love" has got ice cream, soda pop, funnel cakes, candy floss, poodle skirts, Kewpie dolls and Ferris wheels at Coney Island, Crystal Beach and Palisades Park written all over it ... a fun up-beat arrangement with a sweet little guitar lick. I love "Summer Love" ... ah shucks, I always did. Glad to have you here at Legendary Music Teresa.

You send my memories of summer fun, music and romance rock 'n rollin' back to my teenage years with "Summer Love" Teresa. Congratulations on the wonderful music you've made and the mountains you've climbed. This is a great song ... sounds like it should have a Sun Records label!! Glad to have you in my jukebox.

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