Eric Chandler and J. Patrick SharpeBegging Dog
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Monday, July 14, 2008 1:47:05 AM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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We've all been there. Not getting any and not happy about it. But you take what you can get. Eric came up with the title and concept for the song along with the music. Patrick wrote the lyrics. Eric on guitar, 4-string banjo, and vocals. Patrick threw in some harmonica.

© Eric Chandler & J. Patrick Sharpe; Music by Eric Chandler and lyrics by J. Patrick Sharpe
Eric Chandler - Guitar, 4-string banjo, vocals
J. Patrick Sharpe - Harmonica

Begging dog—Won’t you throw a boy a bone?
Don’t you know it’s not wise to leave a man alone?
My mind is wandering while I’m pacing ‘round the yard
Sitting in your traffic jam is getting really hard

Day and night my tongue hangs out while I’m waiting at your table
I’ll take a scrap or two if I can find it on the floor
Can’t you help a brother out—appease me if you’re able?
Anything that you can give
Don’t you love me anymore?

Begging dog—Yeah I’ll take what I can get
While you lay sleeping my appetite gets wet
Idol love is nothing but a waste
Don’t you have the courtesy to offer me a taste?

Begging dog—This is getting out of hand
Gonna pack my junk up and bury it in the sand
I’m going down the street to pop a red balloon
A fella’s gotta do something to keep his strings in tune
Song Comments

Joint Venture
Eric and Patrick created one hell of a Brain Omelet here in "Begging Dog" ... Super fun tune guys ! ... I'll have another serving please !!!!!!!!!

Acoustic Meltdown
Eric and I had a good time collaborating on this tune!!

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