Gordon LeedTurning Black Roses Red
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008 4:26:47 PM
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Sunday, November 10, 2013 11:40:23 AM
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Human - Animal - Peace


Music by Gordon Leed. Poem by Christine Durrant. Copyright ©2008 Gordon Leed

The first time I sand in thirty years...perhaps I shouldn't have bothered!
Turning Black Roses Red

I could take you walking
In the early morning
And on into the fading light
As the evening falls
we'd hear the kestrels call
And venture on into the night.
You may understand
If you simply took my hand
That I could set your soul on fire
I could take your hand
And lead you to a land
That would fill your heart with sweet desire.

If you'd let me.


I would like to walk with you,
Over fields of rolling heather.
Along clifftop paths and forest walks
In any kind of weather.

And I could make you feel
That there's something you have missed.
I could make you burn
when our lips meet in a kiss.

I could tell you stories
Of dragons and of men
To light the fire in your soul
I could tell you tales
That would make your face turn pale
There are many that I have been told
There's a story of a dragon
Searching for a castle
Who found a lovely rose instead
And I'm waiting patiently
So I can let you see
I can turn your roses red

If you'd let me.

Copyright ©2008 Gordon Leed.

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Human - Animal - Peace
Another masterpiece carved out of inspiration, love and peace...

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