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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 4:12:54 PM
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008 6:03:13 PM
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"I know all your friends, and they all know me. So come on inside, I'll pour you a drink. It's a shame you can't stay longer, but your friends, they're not as strong as your enemies." -From REATTACHMENT (2008)

Dan Wallace - music/lyrics, guitars, vocals

hey you over there I know who you are
you’ve run all day long, but not very far
you can’t go home, you’re on the run
you’re losing blood fast, and where’s your gun?
Come follow me

i know all your friends and they all know me
so come on inside i'll pour you a drink
but it’s a shame you can’t stay longer
for your friends, they’re not as strong
as your enemies

i know of a place where you can hide
you’ll see father tom there before you die
and your kathleen, you’ll see her too there
if you can make it – i can’t carry you all the way

the snowfall’s begun and the heat is on
the police have caught onto your trail of blood
wait over there, behind those shrubs
don’t make a sound I’ll go get father tom and kathleen

the guns have gone off and we pray for your souls
your hearts were both good though perhaps not of gold
and childish things that you had put away
are not forgotten and we’ve learned what faith can really mean x
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