the kozy kingShe'll Fall
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Saturday, May 17, 2008 8:02:52 PM
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Saturday, May 17, 2008 8:05:54 PM
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Girl with too many boyfriends misses dad.

Vocal: kozy kween
Instruments: kozy king

Verse 1:
F/ Fma7/ E/ E7/
Thru the door and down the hall
F/ Fma7/ Eb/ F7/
Her mommy's waiting for a call (and if)
Eb/ Ebm7/ Bb/ C7/
Daddy calls tonight, everything will be alright
Cm7/ C7/ F/ F7?
They'll smile and then asleep they'll fall

Chorus 1:
Cm7/ F7/ Bb/ Bbma7
But why doesn't Daddy telephone?
Dm7/ G7/ Cm7/ C13/
And why does he leave them all alone?

Verse 2:
Thru the years so many men,
Were used to take the place of him.
She finally settled down, but he's always out of town.
Just like those days with mom again.

Chorus 2:

Verse 3:
[continue instrumental}

Chorus 3:
And now she's found another man;
And how he seems to understand

Verse 4:
Thru the door and down the hall
Her girl is waiting for a call.
And whoever calls tonight, will make everything alright.
Cm7/ F13b5b9/ Bb/ C7/
She'll smile and then in love she'll fall.
Cm7/ F13b5b9/ Bbma7/ Bb/
She'll smile and then in love she'll fall.
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Private Stock
Pretty darn Kozy ! ... nice to hear a little kween ...

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