Larz BoahOUT of the STONE AGE (collab w/Kryss Manr03)
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Sunday, May 04, 2008 8:10:02 PM
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Friday, February 27, 2009 5:46:23 AM
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Larry W Johnson/Larz Boah: lyrics, vocals, guitars, bongos, claps

Kryss Manr03: vocals, bass, percussion, guitar, recording, spoken piece, effects

Inside of your history book
don't you be afraid to look
I am staring back at you
we are one instead of two
grab your woman by the hair
show her that you deeply care
drag her in a cave somewhere
Pterodactyl's in the air

oooooooo have we really changed?
aaaahhhh out of the stone age?
oooooooo we are all deranged
aaaahhhh finders of the flame

Running from the Dinosaur
trapped inside the icy floor
just like me, your day will come
exterminated by your bombs
planet fading out of view
animals are dying too
where is all the food and gold?
...Mother Earth abandoned you!

(spoken parts)
as far back as we remember there were cave people
taking only what they needed, bringing only what they could
now man chooses to sit around and rape the Earth
of all it's natural resources until there is nothing left....
the one's in the suits are the fall of mankind!

bone and fire came to me
out of the sky great birds of steel brought me thought
i made the wheel
woman good, we eat, we feel,
we mate, we kill, what we need to fill
and from Dinosaur we hide, we run
do you feel us in your souls?
...ligaments of Earth reborn!

only love can save you now
from the deadly killing vow
but your pride is much too great
even God you under-rate
raise your glass and make a cheer
both of us shall disappear
cave man into modern man
evicted into never land

(chorus) end

(c)Larry W Johnson/Larz Boah/Kyrss Manro3
Song Comments

very cool sonics, sense of humor...

Now We're REALLY Streamin'
emo green w soulful (very good) lyrics...

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