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Wednesday, April 02, 2008 8:23:54 PM
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Wednesday, April 02, 2008 8:24:49 PM
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Modern Psalms


In Christ you have Power! Much POWER! More Strength ever 24 hours!

Hold your head up high,
Why you leanen down with the head between your thighs,
Tears from yours eays,
Why is it you cry,
while in a better place,
Than where you used to reside,
Troubles come around now you wanna go and hide,
Like you never saw em before in your life,
Better recognize,
Your stronger than your than your thoughts and brain can realize,
Give props to God that your even alive,

Like Yea! Oh Yea!
Like Yea! Booh Yea!

Give mad props for the will to surive,
Filll up with strength,
Grill up some might,
Reverse all the punishment, inflicted every night,
Now its time to fight,
Harder than you ever tried.
My Oh my,
You desire,
A promising future,
So where's that FIA!!
Trust in the Lord he'll take you HIGH!
F U Satan you's a liar!

I got Power, Much Power,
More Strength Every 24 Hours,
Demon's Im gonna devour!
Satan justs a freakin Coward,
Nothing of the world can keep me down,
with this Power I got Power,
And If I ever fall I will rebound,
with this Power, I got Power.

One arm up,
Curled like an Z slash L,
Pure sign of the will power to prevail,
with the Nails he took and the blood he spilled,
I have no choice, but to fight this hell,
I wont dwell, In the same state of mind I had when I fell,
I'll step out the grime cuz its time to get real,
Devil wants me to die, But I wont fail,
He's so not trill

Like Yea! Oh Yea!
Like Yea! Booh Yea!

I got power, Reprenative for God Ya,
God' said to me look Brandon I got Ya,
But you have a couple duties Follow,
Show ya family, the power is Jesus,
You see cuz, I let ya,
You breath with my breath that helps ya,
You walk, Cuz Im there to carry ya,
You got power cuz I says you does, I got Power

Im pretty skinny but It dont mean anything,
I got the heart of a lion plus I look like a king,
Im walking up the street like Satan aint a thing,
Im sure my confidence shows whenever people look at me,
To some of you guys that sounds obscene,
But you best realize were conquering,
Everyone single one of Satans stupid schemes,
And that in its self is a great blessing.

More Power, Whenever I am Oppressed,
Pray to God, Immediatly Im encouraged,
And when ever I'm bore down all stressed,
Just make another song, Cuz God is best,
And it gives me the courage to defeat this mess,
And I evntually see, its just another test,
God says build up and be equipped,
To be true warrior, Cross on my chest I got power. x
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