the LowDown ThrowDownLive by the Water
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Friday, March 14, 2008 9:04:15 PM
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Friday, March 14, 2008 9:05:40 PM
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Got Live If You Want It


Song about living near the water and enjoying everything that island life has to offer. Originally written by the band "Hatch" from St. John USVI. this recording was done in Mobile, AL as part of the WZEW fm Radio Series "2nd Tuesday"

Hatch is: Mat Vacherat, Greg Kinslow, Ernie Clendinen, Ryan Balthrop
Verse 1- Vacherat Verse 2-Clendinen Verse 3-Kinslow Music by Kinslow and Clendinen

The LowDown ThrowDown is: Ryan Balthrop, Keith Williams Jr., Brian Mattei, and Tyler Goodwin

I want to lay all day near the laughing ocean where i want to stay
I want to play all night, you've got to keep it loose, because it feel so right

I got a good life this day, got no complaints,
I work a couple of hours, and smoke a joint.
I point the gun at the Thrushy, and the Mongoose too,
I drink a cup of fruit juice, because it keeps me loose.
I've been around long enough to take a few steps,
don't get me wrong, I like to keep it fresh,
but I like it right here in this small island town,
where its green, blue, yellow, and brown.


I want to live by the ocean,
'cause it keeps us in motion,
I'm gonna slip she the potion,
and we're gonna live off the land and live by the water,
live off the land and live by the water,
live off the land and live by the water RIGHTeously!

I wake up in the mornin' stretch and yawn,
i stretch in meditation 'cause it makes me feel strong,
look out the shanty hear the birds sing a song for the world,
they live in unity and them have no boundary.
Live off the land, livin' free eat the berry from the tree,
and anything they do they do it naturally.
Live by the ocean, river or the sea, jump in the water and spread my wings,


Some people say that the grass is greener
the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
But I don't think so, 'cause I took my chance not long ago,
i scratched, and climbed , and I scaled , and I crawled.
'til i Finally made my way to the other side of the wall
keepin' me from my freedom. now I look and around and see there's no fences around, feel the grass between your toes, Island girl we make island sounds and now we...

Chorus x
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