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Tuesday, March 04, 2008 7:29:15 PM
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Sunday, April 17, 2011 2:55:43 AM
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Hi NRG Ndie/psychedelic...with a acapella/syncopation bridge 2 the outro passage....KILLER


{I just gotta know, If you're a pleaser,They all told me so, That you're a teaser}Scuse me for being

blunt, tired of wasting my time, spending my dime,You're the hottest fox crusin' this scene,With your gold-y-

locks, model thin, obscene,Luscious lips, glorious hips, you know what to do,With those eyes of deep sea blue,Give

me that smile that cries for my arms,Hold you awhile before I set off alarms.{}You lead the party parade with

high maintenance nails,Who's your date since you set your sails?Dance card full hold the tab, butterfly tattoo

bunny hop,Lean slinky abs, blooms bustin' out on top,Breakin' the rules, flashing jewels, a glistening delight,The

spinning crystal ball mystic light,You're a hipster, oh, so right, chains jingle as you prance,Let's grind those belt

spikes, do a dance in your pants.{}
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