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Sunday, February 24, 2008 12:23:41 PM
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Monday, September 28, 2009 7:37:05 AM
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fReE mAn LeEs' FaVoURiTeS



Your solace leaves me now
Leaves me to dwell linger here
Our destiny perhaps no longer intertwined
The race is almost truly truly close to run
On that once familiar face I look I gaze upon

Drove you away you say
This could it could well be
But in the midst of all this
Bitterness this jagged air
I find it hard to say
Hard to deem what must be said

So with foreboding and a building
Increasing sense of dread
Out of this door perhaps
Perhaps I soon
I soon shall tread
I’ll take no comfort in
What may or may not be

This is this must be just
Just the way it has to be
A form a kind a kind of mould
To shape our future

Shape to carve
Shape to carve
Shape to carve
Shape to carve
Shape to carve
Shape to carve
Shape to carve
Shape to carve
Shape to carve

Carve out our unknown uncharted
Carve out our unknown uncharted undiscovered

Do any of us ever really rest at ease
Does anybody ever truly co exist
Co reside
Co exist co reside side by side
In any form of semi
Any kind of semi
Any brand of semi lasting
Semi lasting
Semi lasting peace

I cast again I toss again
I toss once more
This threadbare question
To the wind
And for the millionth
For the millionth time this worn and weathered coin I spin

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fReE mAn LeEs' FaVoURiTeS
cool tune

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