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Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:17:36 AM
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Thursday, January 31, 2008 3:31:09 AM
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Oxbow Free Radio


Roark Bailey (Lyrics, Vocals, Electric Guitar)
Eduardo Torres (Electric Guitar)
Andrew Short (Bass Guitar)
Dylan Banks (Drums)
Daniel Sabio (Percussion)

hold me with two hands
lift my body in the air
and pray the people stare
hold me with paper
tie me up in contracts
make me believe in them

if you don't hold me like you oughta
wait and see what comes around

hold me with your eyes
if a look could kill
i'd be in the ground
hold onto what i know
onto what keeps me standing
i hope you're lost and not found

but hold my head underwater
see if i swim see if i drown

hold me with what you are
with things that move you most
i'll be your shadow we're so close
hold me with your will
if you don't i'll stay here still
i'm a rock that can't be moved

but if you hold me like an anchor
we'll withstand hurricanes
Song Comments

Oxbow Free Radio
Has a "live" feel to it? No easy ways out, everything played to the ultimate of their ability. Comes off smooth and exciting.

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