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Thursday, January 31, 2008 1:36:40 AM
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Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:07:43 AM
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Oxbow Free Radio
the turntable


A song in response to the unneccessary, long overdue prohibition

Daniel Sabio (Lyrics & Percussion)
Roark Bailey (Lead Vocals & Electric Guitar)
Eduardo Torres (Backup Vocals & Electric Guitar)
Andrew Short (Backup Vocals & Electric Bass)
Dylan Banks (Backup Vocals & Drums)

Once upon a time in a land nearby
The world flipped over and heard the fear-cry
The monstrous ghouls flapping their lips
Redefining the whispers known to equip

Jury dates and cold cases
Lonely days and grim faces
Shooting looks and sly grins
The hypocrite s prowl truly begins
The witness stand built mostly of sins
Shark-like noses accompany the fins
Nine lives possessed possess the key
Unlocking doors for those to see
The departed lost who wanted to be
What in itself defines the free?

Hunger strikes those striking hungered
Number your days, for days are numbered
Off-centered rotations sketching out lifelines
Satisfaction's guaranteed to return sometime

what in itself what in itself
defines the free
defines the you
defines the me

Fabrications of cancer and long-term malice
Prevented kings from reaching their palaces
In this land they realized
all the smoke obstructing eyes
Could cause nothing but demise
And so the power came to rise and rise
Song Comments

Oxbow Free Radio
Proficient realistic eclectic playing. Imaginative vocals.

the turntable
nearby land has you mesmerized in an instant, live groove happening gives out that lounging at a club have night cap on me at the turntable as you dig their vibe, now spinning on the turntable

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