Solomon BozemanTell Me, Cn We Make It?
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Thursday, January 17, 2008 10:50:08 PM
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Friday, January 18, 2008 8:25:22 PM
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Mighty Fortress Radio (F.Doristil's )
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Performed by:
Solomon Bozeman
Seraphim Worship & Praise

Seraphim Global Ministries

Chorus 1 : Tell me can we make it, without Jesus in our lives, Can we live without Christ, Oh I want to know, Do you believe can we make it, without Christ in our Lives, oh tell me, oh tell me.

Verse 1 : I can't believe, what my eyes are seeing, people living without the fear of God, in there hearts. Does anybody believe, that Jesus is what we need. To make it through this life, if not tell me what's right.

Chorus 2 : Oh I want to know, do you believe can we make it, without Christ in our lives, oh tell me, oh tell me.

Verse 2 : Tell me you can, live in sin and not worry deep within. About your Life, do you know what's right , people we need Jesus Christ
to make it , through this wicked oh

Chorus 2 : Oh I want to know do you believe can we make it. Without Christ in our lives, Oh tell me, Oh tell me
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Seraphim Records Global Ministries
“Mr Bozeman’s music is bright and positive. You must play and listen to the music and the talent of this artist. The world will hear and be blessed.” Mark Anthony Cleveland, Radio Announcer “A very talented and God gifted man, writer, singer and producer!” Dee Dee Sharp, television host of “AWARE”, WSRE TV 23 Pensacola, Florida

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