DirgeK Angela (Demo)
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Sunday, January 13, 2008 2:11:11 PM
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Friday, December 04, 2009 8:20:49 PM
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The Lonely Song
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A folk ballad about a girl called Angela

Looking for someone to do a cover version due to distortion on the recording

Vocals and lyrics : DirgeK
Music : Paul Corr

Angela © Dirge K 2005

you wanna fight with angela? do ya?
it’s deceptive
she looks like a featherweight
the further away you get

you wanna be uncouth to angela? do ya?
well the truth
she’d sooner rue for
a man with human hair

just be sure to not fall in love with angela
she likes to
moonlight her affairs
in the open air

despite these warnings he fawned over angela
following her
to her favourite coffee bar

you should have seen his face, yes she liked
to strip in the most inappropriate place

she won’t leave
until she’s received at least a warm applause
it goes deep
the root cause is known to few of course

angela is out to get history rewritten, cos
she once lost to her mother in a stripping competition
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The Lonely Song
You wanna fight with angela do ya, it's deceptive she looks like a featherweight, the further away you get

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