Tim GilvinEvery Little Thing
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 9:45:40 PM
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Thursday, February 07, 2008 2:00:19 PM


Love is a different thing to kindness.
Kindness is much harder to come by.
You can love a woman easily enough,
And she can love you in return just because she does.

But the love of a woman draped with gentle kindness,
It’s a wonderful feeling like lying on a bed of clover, and letting your head fall.

Kindness is affection, learning to be soft.
Learning to look for the good in everything.
Finding the source of the joy in every living thing on this earth,
Because truly, every everyday moment has its charm.

You might well ask, ‘Well, what does this have to do with any of this?’
I tell you sweetly, ‘Everything’.

Everything that was ever swept away can be restored, anew.
Every wrong turn ever made can eventually be corrected.
Every person on this globe can learn real kindness and find real love.
And every kind face is the truest place in which we can place our fates.

And if every little thing on this earth burns,
The only thing that we will have left is love.
Love and unconditional kindness.

Let me hear you sing,
‘La-la-la La-la La-la-la’
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