The Man With No BandThe Loneliest Man In The Universe
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Saturday, December 15, 2007 7:53:08 AM
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 6:06:14 AM
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This is an old recording ... hopefully will be replaced soon

To whom shall I speak today ... My most intimate friend's gone away
I'm feel'in so helpless and I'm lost and I'm sad
Noth'in makes any sense and I'm hurt and I'm mad
I've just become the loneliest man .... In the universe
Oh I miss ya so much ..... Cindy Dianne

My words have no destination ... Silently drifting unheard proclamations
With no one to hear about my hopes and my dreams
Or share in a discussion about life's little things
This emptyness is more than I can stand ... and it's getting worse
Oh I miss ya so much ..... Cindy Dianne

Who's gonna represent the other side
Tell me when I'm wrong agree with me when I'm right
Hold my hand and walk with me in the rain
Celebrate my triumphs, gently ease my pains
You were the best friend that I'll ever have ... on this earth
Oh I miss ya so much ..... Cindy Dianne


Well if you were only here today
I know just exactly what you'd say
Boy quit your whin'in you'll be O.K.
Time will heal the grief mak'in you feel this way
Even the blues will get old if you can't .... sing a new verse
Oh how I miss ya so much ..... Cindy Dianne

Another sunset just passed me by
I still can't see the colors in the sky
Since the Angels took you to the other side
I'm left without a friend in which to confide
And all the words I had yet to say ..... will never be heard
Oh how I miss ya so much ..... Cindy Dianne

I never even had the chance to say goodbye
Now all these unsaid words left trapped inside
Can only escape without making a sound
They fall from my face in every tear to the ground
But an echo twice as loud returns every word ...they have become my curse
I am the loneliest the universe

Oh I miss ya so much ..... Cindy Dianne
Oh I need ya so much ..... Cindy Dianne
Oh I love ya so much ..... Cindy Dianne
Cindy Dianne...Cindy Dianne...Cindy Dianne

Can you see the colors ....Cindy Dianne...Cindy Dianne....Cindy Dianne

To whom Shall I speak today ..........I mss you girl...Cindy.......................
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Soul Retrieval
Beautiful Sam............

SOUL RETRIEVAL 2 for new soulful songs
A beautiful song emerges from the pits of desperate heartache and grief.

+ IMP Memorial Garden +
Cindy Diane ... 10-11-58 to 6-14-04 ... I'll never forget you girl ..SAM [Cindy would have liked this place]

Gyroscope Folk
this is beautiful Sam

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