Dave BorinsShe's Under My Wing
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Monday, November 19, 2007 6:13:16 AM
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Monday, November 19, 2007 6:17:16 AM
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A rockin' roots based journey by sea and by air

Written and performed by Dave Borins
produced By Bob Gallo at Phase One Studio, Toronto

She's Under My Wing
Written and Performed by: Dave Borins

She’s under my wing
she’s under my wing
if I was a sail
she’d be the wind

I’m the weary wayward wanderer
Of ancient folklore
I was tired and exhausted
Till I sailed to your shore
Till I sailed to your shore, and chose to explore


If loving you is hell
Then burn me at the stake
Let me descend below
as the ground begins to quake
cause I would rather die, then to see your heart break

Don’t love me for the things I got
Or things that I can do
Just love me now for love’s own sake
And to thy self be true
If you follow that advice, I’ll do the same for you


So take these simple words
like a kiss upon the brow
If I could wander anyplace
I’d be with you right now
There’s fear in your eyes, I’ll protect you somehow

She’ll fly so high, and I’ll sail so fast
I’ll trade you the sky for the endless ocean vast

She’s under my wing
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