The DecemberistsHere I Dreamt I was an Architect
Alternative Pop Rock HyperLink


© 2003 KIll Rock Stars

Produced by the Decemberists with Larry Crane & Adam Selzer

Song Comments

The Good Stuff
Bizzarely beautiful band. wonderful song.

It's an amazing fumbling ride...I like the Graeme Parsons style delivery.

Got Music?
I think it's pretty smart stuff that takes its time and plays well. Good show. (thh)

This is a bit "indie" for me, but it'll make my Andrew happy! :)

Voices -Outside The Box
Rolling harmonic folk rock melody combined with poetic lyrics for a fresh invigorating drink of creativity

That's the way I like it uh huh
Nicely different, refreshing in fact

Indie Extravaganza
Moody and smooth... and I'm a sucker for a Hammond with Leslie, simulated or real.

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