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Tuesday, October 02, 2007 2:57:11 AM
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Thursday, May 07, 2009 1:20:45 AM
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This is the soft instrumental version

Some time ago, I read an article about a whale being caught in a fishing net. Exhausted, and injured, and trapped; the helpless creature was aided by some divers who began attempting to cut the net with knives.

The whale remained motionless while the divers worked to set it free.

Only when the final strand of netting had been removed, did the whale move.

Approaching, Circling, and gently nudging the hand of each and every diver. All the while spouting, rolling, and singing; as if to thank them.

And then it swam away...

We spend so much time staring up at the sky,
wondering; are we alone?

Is there a God in heaven?
Is there intelligent life?
What if the answer is here,
right here, ...under our eyes?

When I Think (SETI):

Some things will never change.
While some others,
just won't be the same.

I saw the whole world change.
With one touch of my hand.

Is there anyone else out there searching?

Are you there?
Or is it all in my mind?

Have I grown enough,
to finally understand?

When I think,
of all the years I tried,
to find someone to satisfy

Is there someone there?
Or, am I all alone?

Just to think,
when I was young
I couldn't see how I could feel this way

Then you came from the space.
Right under my eyes

Some things are here to stay.
While some others,
will just fade away.

I have you to thank,
for this new day,
of my life.

For so many years, I've been searching.
Waiting, and watching the skies.

You were here all along,
Right here under my eyes.

When I think,
of all those years I tried,
to find someone to satisfy.

Now there's someone there,
and I'm not all alone.

Just to think,
when I was young,
I could not imagine
I could feel this way.

When I was lost,
you came to me,
and showed me to this brighter day.

When I Think.
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