SickboyWhen Midnite Comes Around
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Monday, September 03, 2007 10:44:16 PM
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Monday, September 03, 2007 11:14:48 PM
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Another track from the NO GIG LP. I wrote this when I was 18, and I remember I liked it at the time. I haven't played this one live in ages, but now I'm starting to think maybe I should knock the dust off and give it another go...

music lyrics: m.spence

when midnite comes around

the shattered glass is reflected in the solitary moon
while 1,000 unsung heroes march themselves around the room
and the spirit of hopelessness haunts the tired and their wounds
while the one remaining poet dies i see a promise shines in you
-yes, i will follow you down
when midnite comes around

the neon sign is glistening with the stories of the night
like 100,000 plots that lead to death from every side
where today’s disappointment makes tomorrow’s punch line
where our tears and sorrows melt into the tombstone’s rhyme
-yes, i will follow you down
when midnite comes around

hear the echoes of the millions, all strung out in the night
blindfolded from their certainties, this temporary suicide
finding solace in their enemies, the madmen and deceased
all trapped inside this party, which rages endlessly
-yes, i will follow you down
when midnite comes around

hear the midnite bell a weeping, ringing to the streets
now empty of our presence, but filled with our disease
spread inside our pockets, from pauper to the priest
as the masses kneel, the prophets reveal death’s own honesty
-yes, i will follow you down
when midnite comes around

you are my priestess and my pocketbook, my savior in disguise
an i draw each day i wake to live from your cigarette of life
you are my blindfold and my whispering, my lover and my dreams
i hear your songs a calling, sung from within me
strike the chords of a poor man’s loneliness, heal the richman’s philosophy
release a breath of forgetfulness, let us forget in peace
and the white noise and our souls hang heavy with disbelief
for a single moment, midnite lady, let me be released
-yes, i will follow you down
when midnite comes around
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